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Ledivia is a Dutch lighting company, focused to the state of the art lighting systems, based on LED technology. We are committed to the “Customer First” attitude, providing superior service in fulfilling the customer needs. Whether you are looking for a turnkey project service or just sourcing light fixtures on a supply-only basis, Ledivia is the right partner for you.     Read more...



With its deep knowledge of lighting technique, Ledivia is capable of delivering total lighting solutions, including sophisticated control systems. Also, we are specialized in the influence of light to human body and mind. Together it allows us to go a step beyond delivering just a good illumination, but creating an inspiring environment, improving well being and increasing the work efficiency of the spaces that we illuminate.

Total Lighting Solutions

Best advice for any given application, calculations of energy savings and payback times, creating lighting plans, delivering high quality fixtures and skillful installation is just part of the personal attention that Ledivia generously offers to every of her clients.

Smart buildings

Full control under your fingertips. Whether you need a building management system for a highly complex multi store industrial building, or you simply want to effortlessly set up a cozy atmosphere in your own living room, Ledivia has a perfect solution for you.

light, body & mind

"Light is just for illumination". So wrong!!! Light can also improve working efficiency, alleviate symptoms of dementia, regulate slipping disorders, remedy depression, improve well being, even increase potency... experts of Ledivia know how.

Benefits of LED lighting

LED lighting is the newest lighting technology, featuring very high efficiency, long life time and maintenance-free work. LED technology is environmentally friendly and contains no harmful ingredients. LED luminaires are instantly on, sturdy and resistive to shocks and vibrations. As such, LED technology is a perfect lighting technology for all illumination applications.

Up to 80% of the energy that is currently wasted needlessly through inefficient lighting equipment, can be saved by using LED technology. Also, the cost and disruption of maintenance can be reduced dramatically, because the new lights provide 5-10 operational years between lamp changes.

Exchanging the outdated lighting system with new energy saving LED lighting provides a quick, guaranteed return, typically within 12-24 months.

Replacing an outdated illumination system with a modern LED one can lead to tremendous savings. Saving is achieved in different ways:

  • High energy efficiency of LED lamps leads to the very low consumption of the electrical energy
  • Long lifetime and maintenance free operation decrease maintenance costs to minimum
  • Indirect savings as e.g. improved working conditions or avoiding environmental charges bring additional savings

Long life time stands out as one of the most important benefits of LED lights. LED lamps have an outstanding operational life time of up to 50.000 hours. This is 6 years of continuous operation, what means that if you leave the LED fixture on for 8h per day it would take almost 20 years before you would have to replace the LED bulb again.

LED’s are different to standard lighting: They do not really burn out and stop working like a standard light, moreover the lighting diodes emit lower output levels over a very long period of time and become less bright.

Most conventional fluorescent lighting bulbs contain a multitude of materials like e.g mercury that are dangerous for the environment. As a contrast to them, LED lights are completely free of toxic chemicals and 100% recyclable.

With its high energy efficiency, LED can help decreasing the energy consumption and significantly reducing carbon footprint.

The long operational lifetime means also that one LED light can save material and production of 25-50 halogen or incandescent light bulbs, or 5-10 fluorescent tubes. A big step towards a greener future!

The way how we perceive colors depends on the spectral content of the light source. LED lamps have continuous spectrum, what means that they can reproduce every color which human eye can see. In the other words, LED lamps are capable of bringing the real colors of the objects that they illuminate, creating pleasant feeling, good color reproduction and natural skin tones.

White LED lamps come in a variety of warm, neutral and cold white color. By choosing the right color it is possible to create e.g. warm, cozy and welcoming atmosphere, or crisp bright environment perfect for work, or energizing space that give energy to the people.

LED lamps can be turned on instantaneously. At the flick of the switch they start burning with their full brightness, without any delay. There is no warm up time, change of color or flickering – led lamps produce full brightness illumination from the first moment they are turned on. Also. they have no problem with hot start. LED lamps can be used, then switched off, then switched on immediately. Whether the lamp is cold or already warm, does not make any difference.

Capability of being switched rapidly gives to the LED technology an outstanding capability to be controlled. LED lamps can be easily dimmed to any desired level, they can perform dynamic programs and with the proper control system LED lamps can be easily controlled in any imaginable way.

Many countries stimulate energy reduction measures. As the most efficient way to conserve energy, LED technology is high on the list of priorities of those stimulative measures. This means that investment in a new, energy efficient, LED system is eligible for receiving a government subsidy for energy efficiency, i.e. the organization who is investing in a LED lighting system can receive a part of the investment back from the government.

Is this something for YOU?

If you are wondering what could be your benefit of switching to LED technology, click here and check what you can save by changing your old lighting system

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